TEDMED 2012 — first thoughts

I’m attending TEDMED 2012 in Washington DC and I will try to add thoughts/insights each night.     The goal of TEDMED is awesome — to unlock imagination to inspire innovation.    It brings together folks from all sorts of different disciplines who care about improving the health of our society — an ambitious goal!    Jay Walker, who is now the owner/driver of TEDMED says he wants to build a community and a place for that community to come together.

Even though I’ve only listened to one session so far — I’m already convinced the conference will open my mind to both new ideas and new challenges — which is great.     There was a compelling talk by Rebecca Onie about the genesis of Health Leads — which basically unleashes the capabilities of college kids to support the basic health needs of underserved folks in the health delivery system (getting heat, appropriate food and other basic needs) which are the foundation for healthy living.    It accomplished its goal of being an inspirational talk.

I ran into a number of folks from the industry I already know – -but I also met a bunch of new folks doing interesting things or just trying to learn.   They all want to make a positive difference.   Here is one worth learning about — http://www.artandhealing.org/

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